Vitalik Buterin Finally Speaks Out About Meme Coins

Vitalik Buterin has finally revealed his thoughts on the ongoing hype around meme coins in the cryptocurrency space. Meme coins, like Dogecoin, which started in 2015, have had their moments of fame, particularly during 2020-2021. They are back in the spotlight, but not for reasons that everyone likes.

Some recent meme coins on the Solana network have been criticized for having offensive content. Besides, many of these coins do not seem to bring anything valuable or new; they just rise and fall in price. In even more cases, meme coins drain liquidity, causing massive losses to their investors.

Buterin suggests that while it is easy and right to strongly disagree with these negative aspects, we could also look at this from another angle. People find these financial games fun, so is there a way to make meme coins that actually do good? He notes that some coins have tried to be more than just fun by supporting charities. For instance, a coin named “GiveWell Inu” once donated to GiveWell, a charity evaluation organization, and “Fable of the Dragon Tyrant” has supported cultural projects related to anti-aging research.

There are positive examples, too, like Dogelon Mars. When Buterin received half of its supply and donated it to the Methuselah Foundation, it created a strong bond between those two communities.

Buterin thinks there is a chance to build something that could last and be genuinely helpful. But he also believes that even charitable meme coins have their limits. People get into meme coins because they can increase in value, they are open to everyone and they are entertaining. Giving away a big part of a meme coin’s supply to charity might not help the actual users and could even hurt the coin’s appeal and openness if not done right.

Buterin offers users to personalize their experience with meme coins and join communities that only fit their moral values. This approach, he believes, is better than rejecting everything from a group, which only ends up pushing people away and stops them from listening.


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