Using Crypto? Stay Cautious About Email You Receive: Large-Scale Scammers Attack

Scammers and hackers are increasingly targeting investors. Chris Burniske has recently alerted his followers about the phishing emails that are being sent from spoofed addresses. He has been seeing fake messages, known as “spoofing,” that look like they are from his email address.

He warns that if you receive a strange email from him, especially with mistakes or odd content, it is likely not genuine. He also noted that if someone named “CB” reaches out on messaging apps asking for money for services or trades, it is definitely not Chris Burniske himself.

Lots of spoofing originating from my email – regular reminder that if you get something random from me, especially if it has typos or any oddities, it’s probably not me:

— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) March 27, 2024

This warning comes after a major incident where a prominent crypto media platform was hacked. The attackers sent out emails to the platform’s users that contained dangerous phishing links, which can steal personal information. Damages from this hack have not been evaluated by third parties yet, as the hackers used complex methods to trick people. Thankfully, quick action was taken to address the hack, but caution is still advised.

It is important for everyone in the crypto space to be on high alert. If you get an unexpected message from well-known crypto figures, media outlets or trading platforms asking you to send money, engage with a contract or reveal your wallet details like private keys or seed phrases, be very skeptical. These are common tactics used by scammers to get access to your funds and personal information.

A lot of influencers and platforms are being targeted during the bull run as more people are looking for ways to increase their capital and earn more in the digital assets industry. It is crucial to double-check any communications that ask for sensitive information or financial transactions.

Be vigilant and protect yourself against these deceptive scams. By staying informed and cautious, you can help keep your investments and personal data safe from these unscrupulous attacks. Always verify before you trust any unexpected requests related to your crypto assets.


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