NFT Price Floor co-founder predicts quality NFTs comeback despite market retreat

NFT Price Floor co-founder Nicolás Lallement anticipates a quality NFT comeback thanks to the bullish sentiment and cheap layer-2 solutions.

As the craze around meme coins keeps unfolding, the spotlight now shifts to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a sector experiencing renewed interest following a period of subdued activity.

NFT Price Floor co-founder Nicolás Lallement shared with his perspective on the current state of NFTs, saying the market is “already seeing signs” of their comeback. Lallement, the head of the analytical website focused on NFT-related data, underscored the signs of a digital collectibles’ resurgence, pointing to recent notable sales such as two Alien Punks fetching $16 million each within the past fortnight and a record-breaking sale of Autoglyphs totaling $14.6 million in February.

“So yes, I think NFTs will come back 100%, we are already seeing signs of that. […] The ongoing bull market plus the potential l2 summer we are going to enter are the perfect combination for a comeback of quality NFTs in all fronts.” Nicolás Lallement

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Speaking of meme coins, Lallement emphasized the unique value proposition of digital collectibles, citing their “compelling, richer and more sophisticated” storytelling capabilities. He noted that while meme coins may garner temporary speculative interest, NFTs offer deeper, richer experiences rooted in their uniqueness.

“I would say that the main difference is that NFTs are unique objects and that makes them way more sophisticated, superior in terms storytelling.” Nicolás Lallement

Moreover, Lallement highlighted emerging trends in blockchain development aimed at bridging the gap between NFTs and meme coins, noting the ERC-404 standard popularized by Pandora as an example of this convergence.

The NFT Price Floor co-founder also pointed to the recent launch of NFT Pulse, an analytical platform developed by venture firm Electric Capital, as a “sign of the growing interest regarding NFTs.” As reported earlier, the California-based venture capital firm unveiled a new analytical platform designed to address the scarcity of cross-chain data and transparency within the turnover of digital collectibles.

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