Mocaverse partners with Korean players to expand its presence

Animoca Brands seed company, Mocaverse, announced collaborating with numerous patterns. The objective is to strengthen its presence in the Korean market through immersive experiences and increased engagement with users. The list includes the likes of GOMBLE, IPX, Cube Entertainment, Nine Chronicles M, and Daehong Communication. A partnership with multiple players entails an activation plan in the areas of digital IP, K-pop, and GameFi, among others. It will tentatively go live this week.

Moca ID will remain at the center of the partnership. Recognized as the ecosystem’s on-chain identity system, Moca ID will help users gain access to the world of culture, gaming, and entertainment. Overall, the partnership has been crafted around Web3 gaming and experiences through co-branded IP activation and cross-program points swap.

What makes it interesting is the fact that participants will be able to earn exclusive rewards along with Realm Points. All the holders of Moca NFTs and Moca IDs are expected to qualify for the event automatically.

A total of two creative collaborations are on the line. It includes a phygital cross-over with LINE Friends collection and (G)I-DLE x Mocaverse mashup video. The latter would be based on Queencard, the hit song of (G)I-DLE. Simultaneously, the objective is to onboard a large number of users to the ecosystem of Web3.

Simply put, Mocaverse has partnered with several players in the Korean market and will leverage the capabilities of Moca ID to take it forward. The end goal is to strengthen the presence in the region while offering an immersive experience in Web3. Participants will be appreciated with exclusive rewards and Realm Points.

Alan Lau, the CBO of Animoca Brands, is confident about powerful cross-project co-creation and celebrity-fan interaction opportunities. They have also expressed their excitement about the partnership, as the South Korean market aims to become their core market this year.

Cube Entertainment is targeting fan engagement, and that is their biggest takeaway from the collaboration. An official representative from the company said that their partnership with Moca ID gives them meaningful and different ways to engage with fans. The potential of the organization has also been recognized by IPX’s chief of digital business, Logan.

Logan appreciated the Mocaverse team, saying they have been extremely cognizant of the symbiotic growth. They now look forward to bringing forward their unique strengths and making the partnership successful.

Others who have spoken about the development are JC Kim from Planetarium Labs, Chris Chang from Gomble Games, and Samuel Kang from Daehong Communication. All of them have expressed their excitement about the development. Chris Chang even laid out their goal, which is to offer a Web3 experience that is simple and enjoyable for every user. Kim said they are looking forward to fostering deeper connections, and Kang said that the opportunity will introduce exciting Web3 opportunities to users.


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