Introducing zkXPLA: The Web3 Gaming Ecosystem Powered by Matter Labs’ zkSync

In an exciting development for the world of blockchain gaming, XPLA, a prominent blockchain mainnet and global Web3 gaming platform, has joined forces with Matter Labs, a company specializing in software development, engineering, and cryptography, particularly known for their work on zkSync. Together, they aim to propel the development and deployment of Web3 games through the innovative zkXPLA ecosystem. Art credit.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to enhance the infrastructure supporting Web3 games and projects within the Ethereum ecosystem. The zkXPLA mainnet is tailor-made for this purpose, offering interchain integration and providing a platform for the seamless onboarding of new gaming titles, entertainment experiences, and even public projects involving financial companies and government agencies.

With the addition of hyperchain infrastructure on zkSync, the deployment of games by publishers and developers via zkXPLA becomes even more efficient, promising enhanced security, transparency, and reduced transaction fees for all involved parties.

Moreover, XPLA’s proprietary Game SDK and Vault, essential infrastructure tools, will now be accessible to publishers and developers through zkXPLA. This integration leverages zkSync’s technology, which supports Solidity, the coding language widely used for Ethereum smart contract development, facilitating the smooth onboarding of DApps into XPLA.

“Our collaboration with Matter Labs sets our mission of turning XPLA into the ultimate Web3 gaming platform for publishers, developers, and players into hyperspeed,” said Paul Kim, XPLA team lead. “The XPLA ecosystem has been created with trust, transparency, and compliance as a top priority at every step, and with recent onboarding of Validators including Google Cloud, Ubisoft, and gumi, plus our recent ISAE 3000 certification, we are excited to enter a new phase in Web3 game publishing.
“Today, through zkSync and zkXPLA, we have expanded XPLA to the Ethereum ecosystem which enables seamless onboarding for Web3 games and experiences while offering a better experience for players around the world.”

Paul Kim, XPLA Team Lead
Rich Kim, Head of Web3 Entertainment and Media at Matter Labs, commented, “Web3 gaming has been a major area of growth across the entire digital asset ecosystem, fueling the adoption of digital assets, and zkSync has been at the forefront of this innovation. For this momentum to continue, builders must have the necessary tools to take advantage of zkSync’s technology, and platforms like XPLA provide a necessary service.”

The XPLA Foundation, with support from genesis contributors like Com2uS Group, operates the XPLA mainnet. This network comprises global Web3 companies serving as validators and partners, including Google Cloud, LayerZero, gumi, and others. As a global Web3 content hub, XPLA continues to onboard successful Web3 games based on popular IPs, further solidifying its position in the blockchain gaming landscape.

Looking ahead, the collaboration between XPLA and Matter Labs aims to extend beyond gaming, laying the groundwork for diverse entertainment experiences within the Web3 space through the zkXPLA platform. Leveraging the expertise and resources of XPLA’s investors, including Com2uS, renowned for its games and entertainment offerings, the collaboration seeks to explore new business lines ranging from VR/XR to K-Pop, Animation, and Webtoons.

About XPLA

XPLA is a Tendermint-based Layer 1 blockchain serving as a hub for digital media content, particularly focused on blockchain gaming infrastructure. With a commitment to “Play to Own” values, XPLA fosters a sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem, boasting notable IPs such as The Walking Dead: All-Stars and Summoners War: Chronicles.

About Matter Labs

Matter Labs is a leading research and development company specializing in scaling solutions for Ethereum and other blockchains. Leveraging zero-knowledge-proof technology, Matter Labs builds blockchain infrastructure for fast, secure, and scalable transactions, driving innovation in blockchain technology.

About zkSync

zkSync is a state-of-the-art zero-knowledge (ZK) technology designed to scale Ethereum and make crypto accessible to millions worldwide. Rooted in its mission to advance personal freedom, zkSync offers a trustless, secure, and scalable blockchain network, enabling digital self-ownership for all.

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