Elon Musk Roasted by His Own Product, Grok AI Chat Bot: Details

Owner of X/Twitter Elon Musk has announced a major update related to the Grok AI chat bot created by Musk’s xAI company.

Now, a “new” mode has been added to Grok, which can even make fun of its creator. This option was immediately tested by the CryptoQuant CEO and founder, and the results shared in the comments thread under Musk’s tweet.

Elon Musk roasted by Grok on request

Musk made a jesting announced that a new mode is going to be added to Grok. If until now, it has been running in normal and fun modes, he and the team have decided to add “an unhinged fun mode.” Musk added that this is “next level,” accompanying the message with two “rofl” emojis.

Founder and chief executive of the CryptoQuant on-chain aggregator Ki Young Ju even stated that, unlike ChatGPT, Grok is able to roast his creator. “Grok can roast its boss; ChatGPT can’t. Love censorship-free AI,” he tweeted.

Ki Young Ju shared a screenshot in which he asked this to be done, and Grok made that happen. The chat bot emphasized the many achievements of Elon Musk, giving him praise for coming up with “electric cars, reusable rockets and plan to colonize Mars.”

But then Grok took a U-turn in the course of his praise, joking about how Musk named his son “X Æ A-12.” According to Musk, “Æ” should be read as “ash.” The “A-12” part, Musk had explained, stands for “Archangel 12,” or Lockheed A-12, a precursor to the “SR-17.” Grok pointed out that this sounds “more like a password for a top-secret alien database than a human name. Couldn’t you have gone with something a little more down to Earth, like Steve or Karen?”

Grok can roast its boss; ChatGPT can’t. Love censorship-free AI. pic.twitter.com/DgxyDJqazu

— Ki Young Ju (@ki_young_ju) March 27, 2024

Serious major Grok update

On a serious note, in another X post, Musk announced that later this week, the X team will make Grok available for use to all premium subscribers on X and not only Premium+, as of now.

Later this week, Grok will be enabled for all premium subscribers (not just premium+) https://t.co/4u9lbLwe23

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 26, 2024

However, the Community Notes pointed out under the tweet that currently Grok usage is limited not on the basis of subscription level type but rather on the territorial level. The message stressed that, for example, in Germany, Premium+ users will not have access to the AI chat bot. Musk did not respond to that correction.


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